We begin with a Conversation….

We believe in living life well.  We understand that living life well can mean many things to many people.  To us it means that your space should elevate and celebrate life’s daily rituals.

We strive to create spaces that are resistant to the passage of time. Adhering to the timeless position, it is important for us to look at the essence of things and processes, to look inside the Personality for which we create.

Creativity – we believe creativity is more than being different.  Creativity is seeing how to connect the unconnected.

Collaboration – we believe that the best outcomes happen when you are part of the process.

Authenticity – we believe authenticity is something that comes from within you.  It’s not what it looks like but what it feels like.


...... and most importantly, we conduct the whole process of working on the project so that for the Customer it is a fun adventure and for us is a clear structure.

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Our Clients



Interior Design

Before we start working on your space, we need to get to know you a little closer and hear all your wishes regarding design, functional content, budgets and deadlines. After agreeing on all the terms of our cooperation with you and signing the contract, we start working.

Work on the project is divided into five stages:

1. Measurements;

2. Layout;

3. Interior Design;

4.Technical drawings;

5. A shopping list of finishing materials, furniture, lighting, decor, plumbing.

price from $ 23/m2

Author's supervision

We try to develop the drawings so that customers or builders do not have any questions, but if during the construction there are questions - we are always there! We become a buffer between you and the builders, and above all, we represent your interests.

Author's supervision is aimed at monitoring compliance with the approved project during the construction process, resolving issues, re-issuance of technical drawings.

price from 1200$

Complete set

We will also be happy to assist in completing your space according to the project.

At this stage, we select and coordinate all finishing materials, textiles, furniture and more. We control the purchase and delivery, make delivery schedules, give recommendations on suppliers and participate in acceptance.